Credit: Jeremy Cave

Just like that, Valentine has become an uncle!  A week after his birth, Valentine’s older sister Chloe gave birth to her first beautiful little calf.  Chloe is our friendliest cow and her calf, a boy, is showing promising signs of developing his mother’s temperament.  His father, our lovely visiting bull Anatoly (‘Tolly’) is also a softie who loves a good neck rub, so the parentage definitely sets the new little one up for positive relations.

Chloe, Compass and Clint                 Credit: Jeremy Cave

Farm tradition suggests we name him with the same first letter as his mother, so we have provisionally called him Compass, pending Bonnie’s approval!  Our six year old daughter Bonnie needs all major decisions passed by her 😉

Here is Compass hanging out with his big brother Clint, with mum Chloe on the left.

Check out this video of Compass enjoying some love and affection, and pics of him getting to know some local VIPs.

A gentle stroke from Bonnie and Freya
Credit: Jeremy Cave
Boo says hello
Credit: Jeremy Cave

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