Walking out to greet the cows on the morning of 14th February, we were delighted to meet a healthy new bull calf!  Born some time in the night, he was already up and running around and causing stress for his poor mother, Camelia, who had to interrupt her hay munching to keep calling him back!

This is Camelia’s fourth baby (Chloe and Clint being two of the others).  As an experienced mum she gave birth without fuss and needed no assistance, hence us remaining fast asleep in our beds throughout the process!  As Dexters are a small, traditional breed, their calves come out looking so tiny but are surprisingly hardy.  They much prefer to stay outside, even with a new calf, so instead of bringing them in we laid out plenty of fresh hay in a dry, sheltered spot (under a holly tree) so that the little one had somewhere comfy to snooze.  They sleep a lot in the first week.   Camelia was happy to have her baby on an edible bed – perfect to keep the milk flowing!

Normally our calves are named with the same first letter as their mother.  However, as he was born on such a memorable day, we have decided to break with tradition and name him Valentine 🙂  Hopefully this won’t make things more difficult when his end time comes, as sadly it must for all farm animals…

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