This January I went to my fourth Oxford Real Farming Conference.  Full of forward-thinking, sustainably minded farmers, scientists and food loving folk, the whole event has a fantastic buzz from start to finish.  Founded as an alternative to the more mainstream and corporate Oxford Farming Conference, the ORFC has grown quickly in size and popularity to overtake it’s ‘rival’ in capacity and demand.  This year I nearly didn’t get in as tickets sold out so early and there were 700 people on the waiting list!  Fortunately, a personal connection with the fantastic folks at got me in on a press ticket!

What an event.  It never fails to fill me with energy and enthusiasm, new friends, extra knowledge and millions of ideas for the season ahead.  Even Michael Gove turned up and said ‘all the right things’.  Only time will tell if it was lip service or he actually intends to create an Agricultural Policy fit for the future.

Check out the ORFC at their website.

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